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Amanda Ross-McDonald

After studying theatre, I fell into the film industry at the age of 20. I instantly fell in love and couldn’t learn enough. After apprenticing in several designations on a local drama, I settled into hair and makeup.

Over the years I have grown in my experience as a makeup artist! I love working through a script and working with the director and the actor to find the right look for a character. I thrive on running a team and keeping my make-up ship running harmoniously as well as in a very organised manner. I enjoy being pushed creatively. And I love a challenge. I am a strong leader who loves clear and open communication.

Below you will find a selection of my most recent projects and many more from over the years.


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A doccie series made for the History Channel, with director Malcolm Veniver.


Bringing Manga to life was a real challenge and I knew the stakes were high.


Loosely based on Terry Pratchett’s The Night Watch, my team & I rose to the challenge of creating a mystical world.
Warrior Season 1 & 2 Make up and hair design Amanda Ross-McDonald Dustin Nguyen Hair and Make up by Marli Kruger


Bringing Manga to life was a real challenge and I knew the stakes were high.
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Amanda Ross-McDonald
Film & TV - Hair & Make-Up Artist
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